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So, fast is over. Us emotional eaters do just fine on fasts when we have super wonderful husbands and cozy apartments with sweet rats to love us. You are super happy, feeling the best ever when you reach work, and your boss tells you the four worst words you could possibly hear in my line of work.

%&ck. I was feeling so good. This fast was a breeze compared to last time, and hopefully, that means I'll be able to do it again with the same luck. It isn't that I couldn't have found some way to keep going, I could have...but knowing that the next week or so is going to be one big stress after another, the whole no-food-in-stomach wasn't doing it for me. Not to mention the wonderful caffeine withdrawl headaches.

Anyway, 2.5 days wasn't a failure. I feel better than I did before, anyway. I think the key this time was consuming just water - last time, as advised for first-timers, I did a juice fast. I think the juice kept tricking my tummy in to thinking there was more coming.

A co-worker has finally started putting down some guitar to tracks I gave him months ago, so my outburst over lack of musicians over the weekend has calmed some. I'm not sure if it would work to truly play music, play gigs with this guy - he's fantastic and all, but I worry about that connection to work - but at least getting somewhere in this phase is really great.

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