NO! Don't Leave, Toby!

I'm so upset! My masochistic need to constantly dig for Office tidbits between episodes has both proved my end-of-season theory wrong AND thrown me in to utter sadness.

Toby is leaving! The season finale is titled "Goodbye, Toby"...

Now, I know he just felt up Pam's leg in "Night Out" and told everyone he was moving to Costa Rica, but I thought that was just an excuse to jump the fence and evade Jim's wrath. But really, Toby? Costa Rica? What am I going to do without your drugged up reactions to Michael's ridiculousness? Most of my favorite quotes from this television show are effects of their relationship. I am devastated.

Also, I don't want another new character mixing with the chemistry. Look what happened when Karen came in. No thanks.
I'm a spoiler-reader, I can't help it. I know two things: someone's getting engaged, and someone's leaving the office. With the Office spinoff happening next season, I was totally sure of my plan for the finale: Dwight wins back Angela's affections somehow, leaving a huge, angry dispute between the three of them, leading to a Dwight and Angela engagement and Andy leaving. Andy gets his own show. Man, I thought I had it.

Oh, Office, you better not disappoint me on this one. If Jim and Pam are not engaged by the end of the season, I'm going to call shenanigans.

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