do I stick out in this?

Dave and I are heading back to Minneapolis this weekend to attend the Minnesota Teacher of the Year banquet, which his Dad has been nominated for. We're leaving Friday night and coming back Monday morning, but it should be a nice little weekend. We're also pretty excited to see the little monkey baby, since Sarah will also be making the trip.

I had a hard time finding something to wear for this event. Strangely enough, David chose my outfit, after I returned three dresses that didn't work. The last one I returned before finding the right one was a beautiful, yellow silk Liz Claiborne sleeveless trapeze dress I got for a great $40 (gotta love Ross). It was adorable and fit perfectly, but when I found out that it would be in the 40's in Minneapolis, I remembered how spoiled I am to think I could pull it off. I'm slightly regretful for taking it back, actually. I found this dress while waiting in line to return the yellow dress.

I think it will work with black trapeze pants - David's idea. It's very, very pretty with some incredible turquoise details. It's not offensive. I don't want to stick out.

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