August 28, 2008

I'm sold.

For all the anger, exhaustion and fury that's been America for the past six years, for all the people in all the places and all the colors and all the dreams and all the nationalities, religions and beliefs,
this man is our chance.

To wake up after six years of pessimism and fear and indifference, to see that there is someone who still believes that this country is great, not only in military dominance but in content; to feel again that it's worth fighting for, not to be saved but to be enabled to succeed, to better ourselves and those around us.

I questioned him more than anyone, and he will have to learn and learn quick, and it won't be easy. But to have someone who gets it - that's what I'm now willing to try.



Sleeping WOULD be Nice...

Last night, the visiting friends and a few other friends came with us to a showing of "The Dark Knight" at our local indie Deco movie theater, which shows 2 for 1 movies on Wednesday nights. The best part about the place is the fact that you can sit on a couch while you watch a movie. Oh, and they make food. So you can sit on a couch, eat your dinner, and watch a movie that you paid $3 dollars to get into. They also play classics every other Sunday.

The place was packed, and while Dave and I got our own couch, the girls had to share one. It was their "Triple Date Night".

It was our second time seeing the film, and I actually liked it better this time. Though I did fall asleep for about 10 minutes during the last quarter, long day at work and couch=tired. But for $3, hey! It was cool.

In other news, I'm excited to watch Barack Obama's nomination acceptance speech tonight. I hope he tries to bridle the JFK and talk to Americans with his best adult voice. It's crunch time!



I Can Has Fake Chikins?

Good day: Friends arrive. Friends immediately take me to great vegetarian restaurant. Friends are now sleeping in the living room because they're exhausted from flying.

Also, got my first big girl job proof today:

In other news, David passed the CSET and CBEST, the tests required for him to be accepted to the teaching program at SFSU. These tests are a huge deal - he worked really hard to get the job done and is now well on his way to becoming the next California Teacher of the Year. I'm really proud of him.



Pass It Along

This is un be-f*&#ing-levable.

I don't want to be this way. I don't want to lump all Republicans (and well, many politicians in general) in to the refuse bin. I don't. But when you actively work to segregate, punish and take rights away from people who need those rights more than anyone, why should I believe that you will protect me when I need it most?

I want someone to explain it to me - how keeping people who are in love from marrying will save families. How preventing a woman who either has been victimized or needs a second chance from accessing a safe, legal abortion will save anyone's life. How can you believe in giving so much control back to the state and back to the individual, engaging a capitalist society, but feel that you have the power to make decisions about our bodies and souls? It's such a glaring hypocrasy!

While I didn't intend to make this post centric on women's rights, my last statement is this: why do I feel, when I read this, when I see this, when I hear this, that someone thinks I aspire to abort my unborn child? Why are the lawmakers speaking loudest about this issue men? No woman wants to have an abortion. Ever. Stop flapping your egotistical, narcissistic and hateful mouth about issues that have no, and I repeat NO relevance to you.

**Complete anger and harsh reality to follow** I cannot BELIEVE I am supposed to live in this country shoving God down my throat while some man tells me who I can marry and when I can have children. Hey, John McCain! I am cordially inviting you over to my Mother's house for dinner, anytime between today and October 30th. You can help her work through her tens of thousands of dollars in my brother's hospital debt while you explain how her children's father can run off, skip his child support, and leave her with four children and a job as a waitress. Still think that heterosexual couples are the only ones fit to raise a child?

I know absolutely no one will comment this post, but I wish someone out there would explain why I shouldn't feel this way. Lately, I feel like I'm either preaching to the choir or on deaf ears.

Someone has to wake up, and fast.

I am a 100% supporter of adoption, and I have friends who were adopted and lead wonderful lives. The issue does not lie there. Carrying a child to term only to give it up takes and incredulous amount of strength and bravery and unfortunately, the women who are seeking abortions don't always have those qualities or support systems in reserve. We SHOULD be promoting adoption, but when we ignore the reproductive rights and system surrounding it so blatantly, how is that possible? John McCain touts the fact that he "and his wife, Cindy, adopted a little girl from Mother Teresa's orphanage in Bangladesh. She has been a blessing to the McCain family and helped make adoption advocacy a personal issue for the Senator." If he's so serious, why didn't he adopt an American child?

*******SECOND ADDENDUM*******
I found this blog while researching for a work project and continue to read it for enjoyment. The author posted this today, and it brought me to tears.



Friend's Wedding in Pescadero



Seattle in 24 Hours

The fun part of our trip included of a couple friends, great seafood, and the discovery of what could quite possibly be the "most wonderful neighborhood in the world", where we wandered through the History House, found the Seattle Troll, and a wonderful craft/found fair.

The Fremont Street Fair, held every Sunday

This statue of Lenin stands in the Fremont neighborhood. It was purchased and brought here simply because. It's quite odd.

The drive was 12 hrs each way. It's a lot, but honestly, the time away from the bay area with my husband was welcomed. We'd also never traveled through Northern California and Oregon before, so there was a lot to see. I actually can't wait to go again.

During our trip up, there were fires burning in the Mt. Shasta area. We'd never seen Mt. Shasta, so we didn't necessarily realize how different the terrain looked. Here's a shot of the Mt. on our trip to Seattle:

And on the way back:

I miss it already.



I haven't blogged for awhile. Somewhere between work and home I've been trying to get traction on various projects that will inevitably fall by the wayside once school begins in a few weeks. If I had a nickel for every project I started that didn't get finished, I'd be rich. I'm trying to change that.

I feel weighed down by the push of the earth lately. There's so much idiocy - and anger - in the world that seems to land on top of me for no real reason but that I'm here. I feel angry about things that are out of my control - our government, the bullshit that is chance and reality. I'm frustrated with things that are in my control, like my career, my current location, and the result of a decision I made a year ago. Things that don't really have real answers, or are in a state of limbo. Things that tug at the front of my brain.

Sometimes, the possibilities and potential that lie ahead become too much to sort through.


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