Baby Shower

My good friend and cherished employee left for maternity leave today. We threw her a big shower with everyone in the company, played some baby games, and piled her up with gifts. It was a good time; I've never thrown a baby shower before, but it was fun. Even a few of the guys came in and played some baby games.

I feel like I've been thrust in to a new level of adulthood; weddings, baby showers. For some reason this realization did not hit me when I got married myself; but being in the weddings of others prompted the idea that I was really not a kid anymore. I was one of the first, luckiest people to know about Taylor's pregnancy, and have been with her through each stage and trimester. I'm really excited to meet the baby, see what she looks like, and see Taylor add to her family and become a mother. I'm also excited about experiencing a little person who belongs to a close friend, who isn't a relative.

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