Can I have it?

Please, will someone magically produce for me a digital SLR camera? Please. I will owe you, and believe me, I can make some really neat stuff.

I don't mind our point and shoot, in fact, I'm always blown away by it's accuracy and overall quality. I've taken some fantastic photos with it, and I don't mean just snapshots. It some "expensive" features that really work well for artistic shots.

But darnit, I want a "nice" camera. I get jealous every time I see another blogger who I can tell by their pictures, obviously has an SLR. All of the children, pets and musicians in my life call for shutter speeds and light I cannot give them. I just want non-blurry pics, people!

Oh, but the reality of the matter is, I don't have an extra $600 to lay down for a precious and wonderful tool like that. Anyone out there with tips on where to find a Canon 10mp SLR for a good price?

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