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Friday, September 30th 2008


September 25, 2008



September 22,2006

Right about now two years ago, we were kicking off a great night of music, family and friends. Funny how long ago it seems.

We spent the night at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa to celebrate our anniversary.



Home Made Beads

I've become obsessed with making jewelry. For the past month or so, I started just buying tons of cool beads from Michael's and Joann Fabrics, along with beading wire, crimps, and a adding some found pieces to create. Now, I'm using little glass pieces and small photos or art pieces and sculpey clay to create more unique necklaces and bracelets. I'm basically varnishing the photos to the back of the glass pieces and cooking it in the sculpey clay, using a little bead making tray I got.

Today, I started making my own round beads. I bought a bunch of different colors of sculpey, and cooked it in to round beads. Then, I painted a lighter or brighter color over the beads, and when it dried, I "antiqued" it using a clay tool. Once antiqued, I applied a crackle glaze to complete.

I'm actually enjoying the new beads, and plan on eventually phasing out store-bought ones.



Black Friday

Wow. It has been a week for weeks, that's for sure. We made it through. We made it through without our bank failing, or having to worry if the FDIC would cover our money should our bank fail.

But, damn.
These are some scary times.

And to aid us, what does our government do? They created a plan that would effectively give every big bank the freedom to fail without repercussions - if Congress passes this bill, we will take on the debt of ourselves and others around us. The only problem here: it's not the American Public's fault.

A couple of years ago, Congress passed a bill that made it much more difficult for Americans to declare bankruptcy, in fact, almost shutting down the relief of debt in exchange for a payment plan scheduled by the Government. Now, I think it's great that people take responsibility for their spending - in most cases. The astounding thing to take in to consideration here is that over 50% of bankruptcy cases in this country are a result of MEDICAL BILLS. Medical bills!

The BS situation that the banking giants have gotten us into is a result of THEIR INCOMPETENCE, GREED and a number of the other seven sins. The idiots running these companies, paired with the idiots in the White House removing regulations on that type of business activity, has created this problem. Who in their right mind thinks that a person on a small income can afford, first, an excessive house loan, and second, an irresponsible double-digit interest rate? The only answer to this is that these companies knew all along that these home buyers would not be able to afford the contract they were signing, and that eventually, they would default - at which point, in the housing industry pre-bubble, the house in question would be worth MORE money, and could be sold for a profit - having collected ridiculous interest rates up to that point.

So, this new bill going to Congress in coming days is, in effect, stating that our government thinks that the American public is responsible for their actions, or acts of God, and that the American corporate is responsible for absolutely nothing.

This is egregious.



Self Portrait, Day One - September 15 2008



To Finish or not to Finish

I'm always on the hunt for mid-century furniture because I'm frankly obsessed with it. I've been looking for a coffee table to replace the one we have (that is great, but ends up tipping over all the time because it's so stout) but have been unable to find anything for a good price.

Today while browsing the aisles at Urban Ore, I found this little guy:

NOT a coffee table. But, finding any furniture with tapered legs on it is pretty rare, especially for the $9 that I paid for it. It's pretty small and will work nicely as a little side table somewhere.

It's in rough shape and will have to be reconditioned. I don't think the wood is very nice, maybe a pine or something like that, without any nice grain. It could be stained to look much better. It could also be finished in a few other ways. I need your advice!

Should I:

  1. Refinish the table with a dark stain
  2. Paint the table a light, cream corn yellow
  3. Refinish the legs, and tile the top
  4. Paint the legs, tile the top
I've got some picture tiles I made which I think would look nice with some other neutral tiles on the top of the table. Here's an example:


I took the Pledge

I added a new button to the side of my page; it's the "I took the Handmade Pledge" one right alongside this post (for now, anyway. It will move when this post moves!)

The pledge is pretty basic, it simply says that I'll only give handmade gifts for the holidays this year.

I hope to do a lot of the gifts myself, but, it also means that anything that I give that I don't make will have been bought handmade by someone else.

I'm excited to see if I can really hold to it.
Interested? Follow the link on the button.




People reading this blog!

Please visit my NEW blog! It is a place for my artistic endeavors.
I'll continue to blog her about personal stuff, but plan on using the new blog for the things I'm doing and creating.

I would really love to see all of you there!



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