I'll get there

Spring semester is over in three weeks, and I've got enough projects to last me until fall even if I don't take a summer class.

Honestly, the only thing that makes working full-time plus with full-time college is the lack of personal time. If I required no personal time, or hobby time, I would totally rock the hectic out of that. I can't do it though. Maybe if I was someone who had no extra curricular activities I would be happier. Sometimes I get to the point where there's so much to do that I can't do any of it.

I had a moment this weekend when I realized that I missed the life I had before I moved here. In a masochistic way. I don't miss not knowing if I could pay my $200 rent every month, but I do miss the complete lack of responsibility and creative freedom. I miss band practice in the basement.

Isis Eye Music Magazine is my priority. Now if I could only learn how to curb my necessary sleeping hours to 3.

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