Stupid Airlines.

I'm bummed. Turns out our summer vacation plans aren't happening; my dad and step-mom aren't going to be able to make the trip out this year. It really stinks, considering I was super pumped for a vacation to Vegas and the Grand Canyon. The economy can really just bite it right now, seriously.

To top that off, plane tickets back to Wisconsin/Minnesota for the 4th of July (when my parents were going to be here; when Dave's family has a giant picnic and my family comes) are nearing the $600 mark. So that won't happen either.

I wanted to see my sister graduate 8th grade next week, but now that we might plan a trip home later in the summer (we weren't going to go at all) I can't possibly make sense of flying out twice. But, David can't take time off (his parents are coming the next week) so we can't just do our trip then.

I'm annoyed.

I have to admit I'm getting really sick

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