My Feet Don't Stick to the Floor!

Last month, I had to throw away the Vacuum we purchased with Target gift certificates given to us when we got married in 2006. This said vacuum was a $50 Dirt Devil that retrospectively, was probably a not-so-smart purchase. I never owned a vacuum before. I admittedly bought the one I thought was prettiest.

This stupid vacuum worked fine for about a year, and since has been clogging and losing suction at an alarming rate. I don't have the patience for that type of thing. Besides the fact that in order to use the telescope, I had to un-attach the tube and attach it in a different place (spewing dirt everywhere). David unclogged it many times. It ultimately would suck nothing. I told him to throw it in the garbage.

I didn't rush to Target to get another vacuum, because at this point I'm scarred by my ignorant purchase. This is never a good thing. It means I turn in to an obsessive compulsive researcher. Before I knew it, a month had gone by with me on my hands and knees trying to suck up a living room's worth of fuzz with my DustBuster. Now, we do not live in a big apartment. It is very, very small. The bedrooms, living room and hallway are carpet, though, and it's a short beige. It gets dirty, and fast. To add, we've got rats who throw bedding all over the place with their little feet and create little piles of fluff around the cage that tracks all over the house. I am slightly anal about this.

Finally on Saturday, I went to Target and bought the one I've been eying over the past week. On sale for $89.00 (from $99) and with all the fancy stuff (at my $100 price range) HEPA filter, bagless, 5 floor settings, and a telescope usable WITHOUT REMOVING ANY TUBES.

I just used it for the first time tonight. It has so much momentum that it pulled me across the room. The little plastic container is so full of yuck it looks as if I've never vacuumed since moving in to the apartment. The carpet is actually clean!

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