Vacations and Thoughts on May

One week left of classes.
I want to go on vacation, to Cairo, Egypt. Why? Don't know. It sticks out in my head ever since seeing the movie "The Mummy" - the 1932 version - I'd like to wander around the desert in a sundress for days without the phone, the Internet, or television.

I spent an hour or so on Google Earth looking up remote islands. I'd like to go to one and sit in a lawn chair on the beach for days, eating fruit.

I haven't been on a real vacation since I started my new job in December 2006. I've done some traveling, but continued working through trips.

I'm thinking of going back to WI for my sister's 8th grade promotion ceremony, in which she'll be singing a solo in the choir. My little heart is beaming.

Office season finale this Thursday...major things are going to happen...

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