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I really enjoy my job, and one of the most fulfilling things about it is that a few of my clients have done press for the company. Even though I can't talk about who I work for or what I do, in my own little mind (and with co-worker friends, I suppose) I can see those appearances and feel proud of what I've accomplished.

Today when I arrived at work, I was greeted by my boss with a book I was expecting. It is that of a very notable client of mine, and it is her first. She told me she'd be sending it, and that she'd autograph it for me, but I didn't expect what I found - she included and thanked me in the acknowledgments. My first name only, of course, but, my name, nonetheless.

It feels really good. When so much of what I do is hard to quantify, being a part of this very tangible success of hers is great. So there, I'm published in a book!

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