Sleeping WOULD be Nice...

Last night, the visiting friends and a few other friends came with us to a showing of "The Dark Knight" at our local indie Deco movie theater, which shows 2 for 1 movies on Wednesday nights. The best part about the place is the fact that you can sit on a couch while you watch a movie. Oh, and they make food. So you can sit on a couch, eat your dinner, and watch a movie that you paid $3 dollars to get into. They also play classics every other Sunday.

The place was packed, and while Dave and I got our own couch, the girls had to share one. It was their "Triple Date Night".

It was our second time seeing the film, and I actually liked it better this time. Though I did fall asleep for about 10 minutes during the last quarter, long day at work and couch=tired. But for $3, hey! It was cool.

In other news, I'm excited to watch Barack Obama's nomination acceptance speech tonight. I hope he tries to bridle the JFK and talk to Americans with his best adult voice. It's crunch time!

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