Seattle in 24 Hours

The fun part of our trip included of a couple friends, great seafood, and the discovery of what could quite possibly be the "most wonderful neighborhood in the world", where we wandered through the History House, found the Seattle Troll, and a wonderful craft/found fair.

The Fremont Street Fair, held every Sunday

This statue of Lenin stands in the Fremont neighborhood. It was purchased and brought here simply because. It's quite odd.

The drive was 12 hrs each way. It's a lot, but honestly, the time away from the bay area with my husband was welcomed. We'd also never traveled through Northern California and Oregon before, so there was a lot to see. I actually can't wait to go again.

During our trip up, there were fires burning in the Mt. Shasta area. We'd never seen Mt. Shasta, so we didn't necessarily realize how different the terrain looked. Here's a shot of the Mt. on our trip to Seattle:

And on the way back:

I miss it already.

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