I haven't blogged for awhile. Somewhere between work and home I've been trying to get traction on various projects that will inevitably fall by the wayside once school begins in a few weeks. If I had a nickel for every project I started that didn't get finished, I'd be rich. I'm trying to change that.

I feel weighed down by the push of the earth lately. There's so much idiocy - and anger - in the world that seems to land on top of me for no real reason but that I'm here. I feel angry about things that are out of my control - our government, the bullshit that is chance and reality. I'm frustrated with things that are in my control, like my career, my current location, and the result of a decision I made a year ago. Things that don't really have real answers, or are in a state of limbo. Things that tug at the front of my brain.

Sometimes, the possibilities and potential that lie ahead become too much to sort through.

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