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I'm feeling a little Beatles-y this week.

One of the all time, best songs to sing harmony to:

But, the best use of minor-to-major chord progression ever, and best song ever written about being unable to write the song that begs you to write it:

It's difficult to say "favorite" when it comes to the Beatles, but...maybe.
Anyone else want to play? Favorite Beatles?

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david October 15, 2008 at 1:05 AM  

yikes. that's a tricky one. Especially because the Beatles have so many distinctly different phases and corresponding sounds....I'd have to say that, off the top of my head without allowing for second infinite second guessing:

"Oh, Darling" cautiously will be labeled as favorite. also "While my guitar..." "Let it Be" "All My Lovin" ..."Blackbird" most if not all of Revolver...y'know...this might be impossible...but I am very glad you can find specific songs that make you feel the way you need to feel when you need to.

"Hey Bulldog" is wonderful as well.

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