To Finish or not to Finish

I'm always on the hunt for mid-century furniture because I'm frankly obsessed with it. I've been looking for a coffee table to replace the one we have (that is great, but ends up tipping over all the time because it's so stout) but have been unable to find anything for a good price.

Today while browsing the aisles at Urban Ore, I found this little guy:

NOT a coffee table. But, finding any furniture with tapered legs on it is pretty rare, especially for the $9 that I paid for it. It's pretty small and will work nicely as a little side table somewhere.

It's in rough shape and will have to be reconditioned. I don't think the wood is very nice, maybe a pine or something like that, without any nice grain. It could be stained to look much better. It could also be finished in a few other ways. I need your advice!

Should I:

  1. Refinish the table with a dark stain
  2. Paint the table a light, cream corn yellow
  3. Refinish the legs, and tile the top
  4. Paint the legs, tile the top
I've got some picture tiles I made which I think would look nice with some other neutral tiles on the top of the table. Here's an example:

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