Black Friday

Wow. It has been a week for weeks, that's for sure. We made it through. We made it through without our bank failing, or having to worry if the FDIC would cover our money should our bank fail.

But, damn.
These are some scary times.

And to aid us, what does our government do? They created a plan that would effectively give every big bank the freedom to fail without repercussions - if Congress passes this bill, we will take on the debt of ourselves and others around us. The only problem here: it's not the American Public's fault.

A couple of years ago, Congress passed a bill that made it much more difficult for Americans to declare bankruptcy, in fact, almost shutting down the relief of debt in exchange for a payment plan scheduled by the Government. Now, I think it's great that people take responsibility for their spending - in most cases. The astounding thing to take in to consideration here is that over 50% of bankruptcy cases in this country are a result of MEDICAL BILLS. Medical bills!

The BS situation that the banking giants have gotten us into is a result of THEIR INCOMPETENCE, GREED and a number of the other seven sins. The idiots running these companies, paired with the idiots in the White House removing regulations on that type of business activity, has created this problem. Who in their right mind thinks that a person on a small income can afford, first, an excessive house loan, and second, an irresponsible double-digit interest rate? The only answer to this is that these companies knew all along that these home buyers would not be able to afford the contract they were signing, and that eventually, they would default - at which point, in the housing industry pre-bubble, the house in question would be worth MORE money, and could be sold for a profit - having collected ridiculous interest rates up to that point.

So, this new bill going to Congress in coming days is, in effect, stating that our government thinks that the American public is responsible for their actions, or acts of God, and that the American corporate is responsible for absolutely nothing.

This is egregious.

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