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My hair is long. I have been growing it out since late 2006. Don't let that fool you - it isn't that long. It grows about as fast as Congress passes bills. It is fine but plentiful, and straight, straight straight. It doesn't curl when I want it to, or stay curled when it does.

If you've known me for any amount of time, you remember my signature haircut - the asymmetrical bob. If you don't remember that one, you'll at least remember the plain old bob - the one I had when I was married, and had variations of for a few years prior. When I think about myself in my head, I remember this hair, and it feels like me. When I see myself in memories, I see this hair. Right now, with the looooong hair, I'm feeling a little out of character.

I thought if I grew my hair out, I'd do all sorts of things with it - put it in big updos, leave it down in big, bouncy curls. I would do those things, if my hair wanted to. But it seems that 90% of the time I'm just huffing out of the bathroom pissed off because it won't do anything but sit and lay and be frizzy on the ends and greasy at the top. Am I just not doing something right? Is there a product, a technique I'm missing? Or, is it just not right for me?

Ladies and gentlemen...the time might have arrived. The time where the hair...goes. Back to the bob.

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