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I'm planning on blogging a little later today with some actual news and words, but before that, here's a photo of Baby C from yesterday. I had a meeting with a client in San Jose, so I could stop by Taylor's house and hang out with them for a bit. Impromptu photo session!

The older she gets, the more fun I have hanging out with the two of them (no offense Taylor, I always love hanging out with you). Now that Carys is well, more or less, a child, she's able to sort of be involved in our activities rather than being a baby and being cute. I mean, she ate a peep with us yesterday. I can tell that the three of us are going to have a LOT of fun over the years.

Baby C

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C March 7, 2010 at 3:21 PM  

I love this photo so much. I love the lint in her hair, and that my bandaid is showing. If it were me taking it, I'd have made sure all that was out of the picture, and it would have lost what makes it real and genuine. That's why you're an amazing photographer- because you don't hide the things most people would. I mean, I am a klutz and my child is typically disheveled and messy - to have it any other way isn't really capturing us.

Sometime you should post the Hank pictures :D

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