Spring Break Beach Day

While my schedule has been much more forgiving this semester, I was still pretty excited to find Spring Break waiting patiently for me after my midterm projects were handed in. With everything happening around here, I'm happy to make this week a little less hectic and a little more about doing things I've been meaning to.

I had been planning to take a couple of day trips during this week while David is also off work. Yesterday, we decided to drive down Hwy. 1 and the Pacific Coast without any real destination in mind. Those, my friends, are my favorite trips.

The minute our car left San Francisco County, I felt lighter. The sweet smell of eucalyptus trees and salty air can clear a heavy head fast. On 1, there's a quiet, scenic beach roughly every 2 miles. Stopped at the Pescadero State Beach beyond Half Moon Bay to take some photographs and bask in the sun for awhile.

Nissa and David, Beach Style

Seaweed, pescadero

Seaweed, Pescadero


After leaving the beach, we came across the Point Pigeon Lighthouse, which was beautiful wrapped in the afternoon fog.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

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