Mini Golf

My husband turned 27 this year, and decided that he wanted to go mini golfing. There is a sad lack of mini golf in this area, and he's been missing it and pining away since we moved. Recently, he located a charming little establishment about a half an hour inland called Scandia , and on his birthday, also a Sunday, we journeyed to this Scandinavian themed Americana family fun for all.

It was an enjoyable adventure until about the 16th hole, when I launched my ball toward the Windmill with closing door, and the ball bounced off said door and flying toward the two of us and the kids behind us. David leaped into the air to deflect the ball, but he was also carrying my baby, otherwise known as the Canon. It slid off his arm and hit the cement with a crack heard across the world. It was hilarious. Hilarious and awful, but I couldn't decide whether or not to laugh or cry. Luckily, the lens just feathered - it will last at least until I can afford to pick up my choice lenses .

David Golfing

Don't Swing!

David @ Scandia

David and Nissa at Mini Golf

Happy birthday, hon.

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