Turn, Turn, Turn

About an hour and a half ago, I stood in the empty kitchen of my two friend's apartment a mile from my house. I had just helped them take all the remaining boxes out to their car, where we had spent forever trying to get their giant TV to fit in the backseat among other piles of stuff.

Then, I hugged them both goodbye, told them to call when they got there, and turned toward my car.
Five years ago at this time, we were all euphoric with the excitement of a big move ahead. Saving money. Planning the final two months of our time in Madison before we left everything for California. We had nothing but big dreams and nothing to lose. We had this amazing friendship between the five of us and knew there would be tribulations, but together, we'd get through them and make things happen in this big, new world.

This, is the end of an era.

Despite the great things ahead for my two friends, and how happy I am for them to be moving on, my heart is broken. It feels like part of us is missing.

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