Nothing Personal

Or at least, you'd think so by looking at this blog. When was the last time I actually posted anything?!

I'm...exhausted. The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of change and circumstance, both good and bad. Or at least, both good and trying. Maybe not bad.

They have to do with changes we knew were coming and had started preparing for, though it seems one cannot truly prepare for these things without without still being shocked and depressed when the inevitable finally happens. To everything, there is a season.

Turn, turn...turn.

And so, we'll start this next chapter of our lives, one we've made outlines for, with pencil, of course, erasing and starting again - for awhile. I'm a believer in forced change. I think that "bad things" make for great opportunities to start fresh. I mean, what's the point in looking back? It's over and done. And in this case, no one is at fault. It just, is. And that's that.

I do know one thing. It's amazing to know that regardless of what happens, you have a home - a marriage that is home, that is really, in the end, all you need. I can't wait to venture on this new path with the Drummer.

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