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I wanted to share a few photos I took of the front yard yesterday while collecting some images for a final project. I really loved these.


Color and Geometry

Fall raindrops


It's been FREEZING here for the past three weeks, and today, the third day in a row I had the heat on most of the day, I was feeling like I was back in the Midwest again. The Drummer and I went out to do errands and seriously had to get home quickly because we were just miserably cold.

It feels more like this!


Except, we're still 2k miles away from family, so no thanks, Mother Nature - you can bring the California back now. :D

If you read my earlier post today, you know that we've been approved to adopt our dog. He will be arriving here in the Bay Area either Sunday night or Monday.

We're super excited - well, I'm excited - I think David is, too, but I imagine he's a little overwhelmed on what will happen, since this will be his first time owning a dog. I think once he's here, it will be easier for him to adjust.

Because we had to do a home visit with the rescue group to be approved, I've already stockpiled a bunch of dog items to make our house look "dog friendly". Thankfully, the pet store offers me a great deal on supplies - so, he'll be rather spoiled. The two most important things haven't arrived yet - his crate and his heated bed :D Those will be here tomorrow.

It's a little sad in the house without rats. Sad and quiet, with some extra space. I miss the girls but have already gotten emails from their new owners on how wonderful they're doing. I do feel good that the amount of time and attention we put in to the ratties will be beneficial to their new owners.

This final picture is to show you "the dog shelf". Do not let your attention wander to the large stain on the floor - that came with the apartment :D Instead, you'll see a wicker basket with a toy on top. That basket is full of stuffies, to be chewed and destroyed and strewn about the house soon. It used to be the record shelf, but I advised the Drummer to put them up high away from doggie teeth. Voila! Room for doggie toys and other supplies.

Dog Shelf

3 people's thoughts:

C December 9, 2009 at 8:22 AM  

Aww, you're nesting!

Hank is going to have the best home ever. And tell D not to worry about how things will go. Dogs are extremely warm creatures- they adapt to new people and new surroundings very quickly. I bet the two of them will be bff's in no time!

Killermanatee December 9, 2009 at 12:59 PM  

I can't believe the girls are gone. :( I'm glad to hear they are doing well though and it would have never worked with a dog around anyway.

I can't wait for more updates on the dog life!!! I am so excited about getting to see you this summer and hanging out with the little guy. :)

Anonymous,  December 10, 2009 at 9:46 AM  

yay poopy dog!

And may I say those first few pictures are absolutely succulent!

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