blue bird

Taylor gave this bird to me, and it is very special. Well, I have two - and they're both special. She's been on a search for a particular bird, a very rare and special bird that has a particular meaning to her. These are similar, but not the right color - therefore, she gave them to me (since I also love birds). For some reason, I feel special because she passed them on to me. It might mean nothing to her (except for that she's getting rid of extra birds!) but to me, they are a connection to her. We don't see each other often, and she's dear to me, so knowing how special these birds are makes me feel closer by having them near.

I have tried to photograph them a million times. Tonight, I got it right.

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C July 19, 2009 at 9:27 PM  

It looks lovely! I want it back now.

Just kidding :D

Even though it wasn't quite the bird I was looking for, it absolutely was special to me, but you see, I was moving and I had no room for more little birds, so I had to either pass the extras along to a happy home (yours!), or keep the poor things wrapped in bubble wrap in my garage, which sounds like a horrible fate for such a pretty little guy.

I still don't even know where some of mine ended up, and at least one glass pig got left in the bubble wrap that I gave someone on CL and they said they'd return him to me but never did, so he's gone. Oh well. Poor piggy. But it makes me feel good to see this bird getting the star treatment!

And I miss you too.

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