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Ya'll know I'm a giant The Office fan, and well, I'm also a huge geek for the fan site Office Tally.
I love reading Office spoilers and getting the scoop on what's happening in Office world. Give me a break. It's the only TV show I get all kinds of crazy over.

Anyway, over at Office Tally, they've posted Greg Daniel's list of his Top Ten Favorite Office Episodes. I decided to follow suit with my list as shown below.

Nissa's Top Ten Favorite Episodes of The Office

1o. Broke
9. Take your Daughter to Work Day
8. Business School
7. The Injury
6. Dinner Party
5. The Job
4. Booze Cruise
3. Casino Night
2. The Dundees
1. Traveling Salesmen/The Return

(Wanna play? Add yours in the comments!)

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david June 17, 2009 at 9:47 PM  

I won't rank mine because its hard for me to differentiate between like, my 4th and 5th episodes...but here's 10 of my favorites (not best episodes, but FAVORITE)

Office Olympics
The Deposition
The Dinner Party
The Duel
Goodbye Toby
Drug Testing
The Alliance
Dwight's Speech
Traveling Salesman/The Return
The Negotiation

If forced I would definitely pick Traveling Salesman/The Return as my favorite.

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