If You're Quiet, You Might Hear Humility

I used to buy myself basically anything I wanted. Within reason of course; I didn't buy anything extraordinary, but if it was under a certain price, I didn't really think that much about it, because my job paid well enough that the money wasn't missed then. (It's missed now, and in the real world.) Now I don't have a job, because I quit my last job for this reason. I don't want money to buy myself everything because having that luxury made me a lazy and dull person and artist. And that sucked, and continues to suck while I try to fix things.

Now I'm selling. Basically everything. If it sits, it goes. It makes me a little depressed to sell things at a price much lower than the one I paid for them, but as I watch things move and the pile of cash grow, the depression fades a little.

I need a new lens. I don't need it because I want it, I need it because it is the next step on this path I'm on. It's what I need to get better at what I'm doing. And I promised myself that when that pile of cash on the fridge reached $300, the lens would be mine. And not until then.

I'm almost there. So I did what I didn't want to: I made these...

Glass Tile Pendants, Set 1

...in hopes of getting a few sales, and bringing some attention to the highly specialized necklaces and rings that I generally have in my Artfire store.

I'm only making two sets, and this is the first. Each can be purchased individually in my store.

It's not that I don't like glass pendants, I do. And I love the images in these. They just don't require the special attention that my large necklaces and rings do, and I'll continue to invest most of my time on the more specialized jewelery.

But I'm learning that sometimes, it's what you don't expect or bet on that works.

Thanks for the few of you who have snapped up all the glass pendants! There are only two left...get them while you still can.

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